The Complete Method To Finally Understand Jimi Hendrix And Transform Your Playing By Studying The Master Himself

"The program that will get you "inside" of the mind of Hendrix so you can eventually express yourself as freely as he did!"
- M. Owens, student

Are you ....

• Someone that has played guitar for a while but never really learned to master all the foundations of music, including theory?

• Sometimes overwhelmed and don’t know where to start practicing?

• Someone that has tried different guitar methods and courses, but without getting real results?

• Sometimes getting stuck in the same patterns and end up sounding repetitive?

• Someone that loves the style of Jimi Hendrix and wants to be able to improvise as freely as Jimi did?

Then this is for you!

Experience a totally new Way of Mastering all Aspects of Guitar Playing and -Learning in a fun and motivating Method - wrapped around the Music of the "Most influential and inspiring Guitarist to have ever lived*"

*According to Rolling Stone Magazine (2015)

    James Marshall Hendrix (1942-1970)

Experience a totally new Way of Mastering all Aspects of Guitar Playing and -Learning in a fun and motivating Method - wrapped around the Music of the "Most influential and inspiring Guitarist to have ever lived*"

- James Marshall Hendrix (1942-1970)


Polish up your technique, ear training, theory knowledge, fretboard knowledge, etc. in this workbook plus 56 video lessons, and discover the areas that have kept holding you back in the past!


Study all of Jimi's revolutionary playing techniques that defined rock guitar in 18 video chapters, and gain the freedom to improvise with fire and authority by learning 5 of his essential songs!


Join a growing community of passionate guitarists that meet on weekly group calls for one-on-one mentoring, and have your guitar questions answered in the private group!


The only course out there that includes a complete section about how to learn most efficiently + setting yourself up for guarantueed success!

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Sample from our weekly mentoring video calls

Why should you join this program:

• If you have been wanting to truly grow your guitar playing but lack the right teacher and strategies, then this is your golden opportunity

• While Youtube videos are great to answer certain questions - to really make progress on guitar, you need a trusted teacher/mentor and a system! Total Guitar Transformation not only has that but also a full-grown guitar technique + theory book, ear training resources, jam tracks, and drones for exercises and improvisation, accurate transcriptions with play along, a practice plan, and many other bonuses

• Many folks plateau on a level for years/decades, and finally accept that they will never get better. This guitar program is your chance to end that and transform your playing to a new level that you already had given up on.

• Jimi Hendrix’s music is still under-appreciated in guitar player circles apart from the obvious cliches, his inventions overlooked. Now you have the opportunity for a deep dive into his catalog - while being mentored by an expert of the field!

Designed by guitarist Ulrich Ellison, this guitar program teaches the techniques that he personally used to develop his unique playing style after 20+ years as a full time professional recording artist, educator and touring guitarist. 

Ulrich takes you by the hand and leads you step by step through the learning process, removing the fear and intimidation that many of us have when it comes to the music of Jimi Hendrix, and replacing it with self-assurance and confidence. No matter your background, Ulrich will help you to discover your own ability to create beautiful guitar leads and improvisations, and be able to get "lost in the moment" like Jimi did.

A first of its kind revolutionary Digital Interactive Guitar program covering all areas of guitar playing and musicianship wrapped around the music of Hendrix, Total Guitar Transformation offers the one-on-one mentoring that other programs are missing.

"Jimi Hendrix' music has a reputation of being chaotic, out-of tune and hard to transcribe, and unfortunately that's what keeps many guitarists from discovering all of the value and beauty his music has to offer. A deeper understanding of music will unlock your approach to playing rock styles, but even more so, allow to find your own soulful expression on the instrument, no matter if you are just starting out or have been playing for decades. 

That's why I designed this program - to bring all aspects of guitar playing together in a fun and inspiring learning experience. No more dry theory and technical exercises - instead discover it first-hand within Hendrix's music and apply it directly immediately!

You can and should use this program to your advantage and unleash your own creative ability of expressing yourself with complete freedom on the electric guitar."
                                                       -Ulrich Ellison
What You Are Going to Get:
  • Complete guitar program structured in 56 lessons with daily training videos and homework. You do the course at your own pace and time though, the membership area has lifetime access and will become your new training hub for years to come. 
  •  70+ page Foundation Builder Course Book covering the 13 essential foundations of guitar playing
  •  over 60+ modular exercises for all playing levels
  • ​Over 100 drones and play alongs in all 12 keys
  •  Accurate transcription of 5 Hendrix songs including play-alongs
  • Hendrix Masterclass with 18 video chapters, teaching you all of Jimi's playing techniques
  • ​16-page Master Mindset Course Tutorial plus video lessons, teaching you essential mindset strategies and practice routines 
  • ​Practice Guide
  • ​Mental Clarity Guide
  • Music Theory and Fretboard Knowledge
  • Ear Training Exercises
  • ​Improvisation exercises in all keys
Topics discussed in the course include mindset training, practice routine, warmups, hand stretching, fretboard knowledge, guitar theory, harmony, scales and triads, ear training, phrasing skills, thumb playing, rhythm playing, funky phrasing, Hendrix chordal techniques, whammy bar, improvisational concepts, one-string technique, modal approach, advanced blues playing, playing over changes, alternate, legato, and hybrid picking technique, and much much more.

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Would You Like To Start To Totally Transform Your Guitar Playing Within A Matter Of Weeks?

Sinan from New York City, NY

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  • Bonus #1 - Members Access to the Total Guitar Transformation group so you can get even more support you need
  •  Bonus #2 - 20 min Onboarding Call with Ulrich so we start off your guitar transformation knowing what you need the most
  •  Bonus #3 - Member Discounts on Private Lessons so you can take your playing even farther much faster
  •  Bonus #4 - VIP access to my vault of training quick tip videos so you have even more material to study
I am looking forward to meeting you inside the program! 
Musically Yours,
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This electric guitar program is for all ages, all levels except total beginners. 2 years of prior guitar experience recommended 



Frequently Asked Questions:

I am an advanced player. Is this program for me? 

Absolutely. Total Guitar Transformation is for electric guitar players on all levels. I personally use many of the techniques and exercises offered in the program in my daily practice schedule. The Hendrix transcription have an attention to detail that will satisfy even expert level players, there is something to learn for everyone. Almost all of the exercises can be adjusted in level of difficulty and conceptual understanding.

I am a total beginner. Do you recommend this program for me?

If you have never played before then this is not the right program for you. This progam is transformational in nature, so there needs to be some prior experience. The best results are from students with 2 years of consistent playing experience and up. Expect to know some basic string bending, pentatonic scales and chords. The materials and lessons do cover all the foundations from the start, but a true beginner would just take too long to get up to speed to learn those Hendrix songs.

Do I need prior music theory knowledge?

No. If you do that’s great, but everything will be explained from the beginning.

Can I purchase the program now and get started in 3 months when I have more time?

Absolutely. You can start the course whenever it fits your schedule and work on your own pace. I do however highly recommend consistent practice for real results, and attend the weekly calls.

What happens after the 8-week period, and I haven’t completed the program yet? Will I still receive mentoring?

Yes - you will receive lifetime access to the program. It is completely fine if you don’t finish the program within the proposed 8 weeks. Yes, you may still attend calls as long as you need to finish the lesson material. Many students use the exercises for years to come. After you finish studying the course material, you are expected to study on your own. If you still have a question here and there, you can use the membership area search function, or if that doesn’t help, ask the question in the private group. Me or the TGT team are here to help.

What if I don’t like the program? Do you offer money back guarantuee?

We guarantuee that this program delivers 100% what is promised. Since this is a digital product, a return cannot be made. But since we strive for 100% customer satisfaction, we will return your money after 14 days if no progress has been made despite full student participation and daily practice. Must have attended all calls in order to be eligible for that.

Will I have lifetime access? What if you end the program?

Yes, you will have lifetime access. In the absolutely unlikely case the program would end in some distant time in the future, you will have the chance to download all course materials before doing so. But don’t worry – we are not going anywhere!

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